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This Wallhouse Gin soap / sanitiser dispenser can be used to dispense liquid soap or dish soap, or sanitiser.

Use this soap dispenser to add a bit of style and flair to your bathroom or kitchen that will surely impress guests with its beautifull and intricate designs on the glass. 

It will make a great gift for a gin enthusiast or for a man looking to add a little something to his man cave.

** Please hand clean items only.

** With gentle care your glass bottle can give enjoyment for quite some time! I've been using mine daily for months now but of course the life of your bottle and stainless steel pump can't be guaranteed and depends on how you use it.

** This item is made of glass and is up-cycled, so each bottle and label will have slight imperfections. Bottles come with stainless steel pump but may not come with original cap since they are up-cycled.

Wallhouse gin helping the enviroment by upcycling this beautiful bottle

Please not the soap pump supplied might vary ever so slightly to the one pictured.

Wallhouse Gin bottle soap dispenser with stainless steel pump

Expecting to be back in Stock Early May time. drop me a message and i'll add you to the list.
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